Can you change a business address for an LLC?

Most of us start businesses to expand them. At some point, you may find a need to change your business address to another location. While it’s ok for LLCs to change their addresses, they also need to inform the relevant authorities including the IRS and their state so they can continue operating without any hitches. The truth is that failing to inform appropriate authorities could result in many adverse consequences including losing the business license.

Here are some tips for changing the address of your limited liability company;

  1.     Notify the IRS

You need to notify the IRS about any changes in your LLC’s address as soon as possible. The best way to do so is to fill out a self-explanatory form and submit it online by e-filing or by mail.

  1.     Update your Articles of organization

Once you have a new address, you need to check with the secretary of state to find out what forms you need to file to update your current address in your articles of organization. You might however need to pay some fee for the process.

  1.     File required articles of amendment with the state

If you have changed your LLC’s address, then you need to file articles of amendment with the state to protect your business. The filing requirements vary from state to state but most states will require you to fill out some amendment forms. Again, this might come with a fee.

  1.     Notify your state’s tax agency about the change of address

Your LLC must update its state tax agency about its new address. Your business will likely lose out on important information like deadlines for paying taxes and other fees if you fail to notify your state’s tax agency of your new address. Well, missing these important dates technically means paying fines and penalties for not respecting deadlines.

  1.     Notify your vendors and suppliers

If you decide to change your LLC’s address, you must also endeavor to shut down utilities at your former business venue so you don’t incur double costs. To this effect, you will have to notify your vendors and suppliers about your change of business location, so they can set up new accounts or transfer the existing ones to your new address.

  1.     Notify lenders, insurance agencies and state agencies

This will help these agencies know how to get to you with important information about your business.

  1.     Notify your clients

It is also crucial to inform your clients of your new address. The clients are the people keeping you in business so failing to notify them may result in lost business opportunities. The best way to notify your clients about a new address is through emails and letters.

  1.     Update your website

A business website is crucial to your business because it creates brand awareness and also showcases your products and services to your prospective clients. You, therefore, need to update your website with your most recent address so your potential clients can know where to find you.