Gay Dating Tactics: Your First-Date Do’s & Don’ts


Nothing gets the heart pumping quite just like the worried anticipation that goes along with going out on a first date with a man. Whether it is a blind date or a person you’re already acquainted with, the first assembly with a relationship prospect brings with it a host of feelings, greater typically a mixture of excitement and anxiousness. As the pivotal second methods, thoughts can come to be targeted on such questions as: “Will he like me?” “Will I like him?” “Is he going to be The One?” “What if I mess matters up and make a idiot of myself?” “What will I speak about? What if I run out of things to mention?”

Everyone’s revel in is one of a kind, but the one commonplace denominator that most daters would testify to is that it can be tough to navigate via the waters of man-to-man dating. Although it’s converting, we gay men have few function fashions to emulate whilst it comes to love and romance. There’s no template to comply with and we were by no means taught the way to flirt with and date different guys. There aren’t any policies, no shape, and no steering. How do guys be part of together inside the “courtship dance?” While a lack of rules for homosexual relationship may be a advantageous element, lending to more creativity, spontaneity, and individuality, it is able to additionally create anxiety and a experience of “cluelessness” in the way to meet and date effectively–form of like a car with out a motive force.

This article will offer a few tips on a way to approach your first date with that lucky guy you’ve got chosen to get to know in sequence of that date’s prevalence. While these are by no means “regulations”, these thoughts can offer a method to ground your self and make the maximum out of the revel in with out sabotaging it before it gets off the floor. Pick and pick out those that seem right for you and create your own standards as a way of being a healthful dater who lives with integrity and follows his own values.

Before the Date

·When placing a time and vicinity in your date, be sure to make it a quick assembly (1-2 hours) for the primary time and select an area this is both activity-oriented or lets in for lots of opportunity to talk. Avoid films and as a substitute opt for a brief get-together at a coffee store or at the zoo. Making it brief takes speed dating 香港 quite a few the strain off, particularly in case you find the two of you are not like minded, and lets in for wholesome pacing of your dating relationship. You can constantly make bigger the date in case you’re getting along famously.

·Take the emphasis off of it being a date and as a substitute view it as a danger to meet a potential new pal. This can assist “take the brink off” and will let you loosen up with out focusing at the final results of the date. Avoid putting too many hopes and expectancies on the come upon; permit it evolve naturally and if a spark ignites in the course of it slow together, then it really is an introduced bonus!

·If you’re mainly nervous, take the time to do a little rest physical activities (deep respiratory, visualization, and so on.) to help soothe yourself and get centered. If you are worried about what to speak approximately, generate a listing of possible ideas beforehand and function-play with a chum to construct self assurance. But don’t depend an excessive amount of on this or you will seem stiff and rehearsed. Be cool and be your self. This isn’t about overall performance.

·Dress with ease and in garb that makes you sense exact about yourself. Make sure you and your date are at the equal page about the fashion of dress in your date. In my own relationship days, I showed up for a second date in a pleasing oxford shirt and jeans to then discover my other 1/2 dressed to the nines in a French fit now not realizing his intentions for the nighttime. It made for a totally embarrassing moment and he cancelled the reservations he’d made for us for dinner at a ritzy, best-dining status quo. He then changed into more casual clothes and took me to a circle of relatives restaurant instead. Ouch! His photograph of me immediately changed and he stopped seeing me after that. He did us each a favor by using finishing matters, however on the time it turned into pretty humiliating. So be clear to keep away from any miscommunication.

During the Date

·Be punctual and loosen up. No count how attracted you will be to the person sitting across from you, it is your obligation to be your self–avoid seeking to placed up a façade and be a person you’re now not to attempt to galvanize your date. You are superb just as you are. Let him get to recognise the real you; otherwise, you’re conducting a shape of deception with a purpose to simplest come lower back to chunk you later. Be authentic and eventually you’ll be rewarded with a definitely well suited companion.

·Be attentive in your date. Show appreciate with the aid of keeping suitable eye contact and don’t let those eyes stray if there are different attractive men within the room. Have an open posture and let your nonverbal conversation and frame language carry interest in learning approximately your date. Stay out of your own head and shut off those distracting thoughts; surely listen to what he is pronouncing. Balance active listening with sharing things approximately your self. Ask open-ended questions to gain greater elaboration on points made on your discussion to stretch out conversations and study greater about your date. This is specially powerful in case you’re feeling shy or are brief on matters to mention as it receives the alternative person talking extra, taking into account more tidbits that you could start other dialogues approximately. Be fine and let your sense of humor shine via.

·Avoid debatable subjects of dialogue as those may be offensive to your date. You can ease into those the greater you get to know him. Avoid alcohol, as this will adjust your conduct, and stay far from sexual content material and innuendo. Unless sex is the incentive on your date, introducing sexual speak into your first date can set the tone in an beside the point route. Discussions approximately sex and sexual choices can come later after you have been able to set up extra of a actual, mature connection. Questions like “Are you a top or a backside?” may also seem crass at a first meeting and might motive an detrimental impression of you to shape on your date’s mind and photograph of you.

After the Date

·Whether your date become a spoil hit or a catastrophe, exercise appropriate manners and thank your new acquaintance for the date. If you’d like to see him once more, nation this and speak to him in an afternoon or so to invite him out again. Don’t get stuck up within the complete dating recreation of “How many days have to I hold off to call him to avoid searching determined?” or “I’m going to let him be the one to call me.” If you want him, take rate of your life and make that call. If you didn’t feel a “love connection” with the fellow, thank him for the date and kindly and tactfully tell him that it is now not a in shape. While this will be extraordinarily hard, it is continually first-rate to be honest and direct in a gentle, well mannered way. If you’d like to try to develop a friendship alternatively, suggest that. But be sincere and direct and don’t inform him you may name him once more if you definitely haven’t any goal of doing so. That’s merciless.

·Do a few de-briefing after your date and reflect to your behavior, in addition to your date’s, and perhaps journal approximately the experience. How did you experience? How did you manage yourself for the duration of the date? What would you have got modified? What went well? What did you learn about your self because of this date? How might you charge the date and the fellow you met? From what you could inform up to now, is there compatibility together with your private requirements and imaginative and prescient for a life associate? Is he matching up thus far together with your needs, desires, dreams, and values?


Dating may be a nerve-wracking, daunting project, mainly with the absence of dating training available to us as homosexual guys. What traditions and roles that our heterosexual counterparts have for dating are applicable for us, if any? What are we imagined to do?

The key is to have amusing with dating and take a light technique. Dating is each an artwork and a science in my perception, combining not unusual feel decision-making with self-attention of what one want and desires for a glad and gratifying lifestyle. When your courting behavior is in alignment with your values and imaginative and prescient for a relationship, you’ll be dwelling with integrity and might be capable of method all of your dates with a more cozy tone and assured demeanor. It will make the procedure much extra clean-going and profitable. Cheers for your relationship success!

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