How do I Clean the Air Track Mat?

It is recommended to keep your weight training mats clean and dry in order to prevent infections and fungi from entering the body of the person using it.

Cleaning Process:

If you do not want to take your weights to the laundry mat, you can easily clean the air track by simply washing the sweat away with a gentle detergent. Just make sure you dry the mat thoroughly by placing it on a towel or an old sheet. You will be surprised to see the clean track mat on your side. However, if you are aware of how to properly clean the air track mat, you can always use the steam cleaning service, which has become a popular service in most gyms, due to the very important benefits.

Other Tips to Follow:

You should wash the mat at least once in every week, and dry it thoroughly before using it again. You can use dryer sheets to remove any odor from the mat. Make sure to remove the tape, and release the air in the mat to ensure that it is clean and ready to use. You can dry it overnight.


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