Places to Go Whale Watching in Margaret River


Margaret River in Western Australia is home to numerous attractions including food, wineries, shopping and lots of sporting exercises. It is likewise home to probably the best sea shores and famous riding regions in Western Australia with a shoreline that stretches around 85km from “Cowaramup Bay” to “Cape Leeuwin” and 25km to the “Shire of Nannup”. Due to this tremendous stretch of ocean side and sea, whale watching in Margaret River is a well known vacation destination.

When to go whale watching in Margaret River

Humpback and Southern Right whales venture from Antarctica 花蓮賞鯨推薦ptt to the Margaret River district’s hotter waters. They can initially be viewed as in “Flinders” Bay, Augusta, from June through September. In September through December, the whales relocate to the “Geographe Bay,” Busselton. One can likewise see Blue Whales, which are a jeopardized species, right now and spot. The whales can most frequently be seen during late morning when the sun is straightforwardly above.

Where to go while watching whales

There are numerous regions one can go to whale watch including the two travels and land-based posts.

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse: The beacon offers optics that are perfect for a nearby perspective on the whales.

Geographe Bay: This narrows is in the ideal region to investigate the Margaret River locale, including seeing whales that relocate here from September to December. Sanction vessels are likewise accessible.

“Naturaliste Charters”: This contract organization has a close to 100% whale locating achievement rate and permits the person to join again free of charge in the event that a whale isn’t located. It investigates Augusta from mid-May to August and “Dunsborough” from September to mid-December. The vessel being utilized is the Cetacean Explorer, a 55-foot vessel and the biggest contract vessel working in the south-west. The visits last around 2 – 2.5 hours, assuming it doesn’t rain. They likewise offer nightfall travels.

Legend Charters: This contract organization offers whale-watching visits from May to December. The vessel utilized has a close to 100% achievement pace of seeing whales, and on the off chance that this doesn’t occur, they offer a free bring voucher back. The visits are by and large between 2 – 3 hours in length, assuming it doesn’t rain.

All Sea Charters: Different organization offer visits from June through December on Flinders Bay or Geographe Bay. A few proposition 360 degree sees from the primary deck and just gets some margin to ensure great perspectives for everybody. The sanction leaves two times per day at 10:45 am and 1:30 pm from Augusta. They additionally offer on request contracts for gatherings of at least 6. The vessel has a hydrophone, permitting the whales to be heard and seen.
There are various approaches whale watching in Margaret River from land to the ocean. There is something for everybody, and most sanctions ensure a close to 100% possibility of first-time whale locating.