Playing Online Card Games at Work

Online card games are a great way to kill time at work. Not only can they be entertaining, but they also have many health benefits. They can help keep your brain active and help you maintain basic math skills and prevent memory lapses. Plus, playing these games can help you bond with colleagues. So, why not try playing one at work?


Dominion is one of the most popular tabletop games in the world, and the game is now available in a digital app. Developed by Rio Grande Games and Temple Gates Games, the AI in this app is based on a neural network developed by AI researcher Keldon Jones. The AI is capable of learning the makeup of every card in the game, including those not yet created.

The game’s modular structure makes it a challenging task to write a strategy guide. Since there are hundreds of different kingdom cards, such a guide may end up being a guide to specific kingdom cards.


Codenames is a fun and challenging board game that requires players to work together to solve a mystery. This game is based on clues and word combinations. Players work in teams to solve a series of codenames to find the secret agent’s identity. This fun game is ideal for work or play with friends and family. Codenames is available online or as an app. The rules are easy to learn.

You can play Codenames with 3 to four people and it’s easy to add new players midgame. The game doesn’t last long, so you may want to play with smaller groups. You can also play multiple games at one time, since the cards are double-sided.

Banana Life

If you are looking for an online card game that brings you and your team closer together, Banana Life is a great choice. This fun and engaging game can be played by teams of any size, from individuals to large corporations. This Australiandeveloped game features remote play and a virtual escape room.

The game is based on the famous puzzle game, Bananagrams, which was invented by Abe Nathanson. The Rhode Island graphic designer was playing Scrabble with his grandsons when he realized that a game involving anagrams would make the game more fun. He said that his grandsons would go bananas, so he designed the game. The first time the game was played, players turned their tiles over and began to form crossword-like grids.

House of Cards

If you want to find a way to have fun while at work, Pragmatic Play House of Cards online card games. It is an addictive game that allows you to customize the difficulty and length of the game. This game requires you to use your skills and build a house of cards in a short period of time. It is also possible to set the difficulty of the game to fit your skill level.

Coworker Feud

The Coworker Feud online card game is an online game that requires teamwork and collaboration. It helps improve the way employees communicate and build empathy among coworkers. It promotes teamwork and decision-making, and it can also boost morale. The game can be played by team members either in person or remotely. It requires the help of a moderator or host.

There are many ways to customize the game. You can use multiple choice templates or true and false questions to ask the participants. Alternatively, you can create a template and let people guess a particular coworker’s personality. You can even make a live version of the game by letting people share pictures of their favorite coworker.

Teams Against Humanity

Playing Teams Against Humanity online card games at your workplace might be a great way to bring your colleagues together. It’s an icebreaker that involves asking one another silly questions and working as a team. The more you know each other, the better your chances of winning.

If you want to play Teams Against Humanity at work without using expensive gadgets, you can play it on your desktop or laptop. Most versions are free and you don’t need to buy card sets. You can even use webcams to see each other’s facial expressions while you’re playing.