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The decision by Liverpool to sack Roy Hodgson and call in the tried and tested hand of Kenny Dalglish says a lot about the way the leadership that Liverpool wants to take the club.

Was this a decision made to please the fans, and was a recent Anfield ‘no-show’ by supporters enough to get a ‘fans favourite’ back at the club. After all, The Kop had been singing Kenny’s name for the past few games.

Why is it that organisations stick to the status quo?

Surely going back to what they know is not the answer, and a ‘new ideas’ leaders is the way forward. Is this a sideways step?

In the leadership world, we’re talking about 풀싸롱  football managers a lot at the moment. Chris Houghton was one that got us talking when he was asked to leave Newcastle, and was replaced by a manager who had little more credit.

Why don’t football club leaders have a grip on what being a leader means?

Leadership is about leading and being creative. It is about being both a democrat and an autocrat. It is about situational leadership. Using your emotional intelligence. How many football managers have had training in leadership? What are the leadership styles of the chairs of the board?

Is there malicious obedience or are players choosing to follow their managers because they know how to effectively lead. Outstanding leaders are emotionally intelligent and focus their thinking on helpful behaviour and recognise their behaviour influences the behaviour of others.